Florida. 21 Years old. Straight Edge, Rugby, Sports. Dogs. I also post a lot about wrestling. Saul/Wounded Knee Instagram: bradleyswar. Kik: bradleyswar
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/


I can’t recall my name, or remnants of my faith, the ruins of my life in this world I’ve grown to hate. Done my time in the Devil’s bed,searching for answers while longing for death. Pray to a god I don’t believe, hopelessly living to die in this wasteland around me. This life is a stranger, and I’ve been left behind. Deliver me, from this living Hell. Blind eyes watching never drawing conclusions, enchanted by the lack of their own perception, I’m searching and searching, unable to accept the weight of my reality. I am alone.

  • Track: Abandon
  • Artist: Bottom Out
  • Album: Mourning
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